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Terms of Service


Code of ethics


As a tarot reader, my aim is to meaningfully read and interpret the cards in response to your question. My goal is to inspire you to develop a spiritual understanding of your situation and to empower you to live your life and take your decisions in the light of your inner wisdom.




Your information and the questions you ask are treated with the utmost confidentiality.  




I am not a licensed medical, legal or financial professional. My readings do not replace professional medical, legal or financial advice. I do not guarantee the outcomes of my tarot readings. A tarot reading is a guide for future possibilities based on your current choices and circumstances, and your free will always plays a significant role. Your future is in your hands. A tarot reading can only facilitate how you deal spiritually with a given situation.

You agree that under no circumstances shall I be held liable for your actions or for decisions you take based on a reading. You are hereby notified that all tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only.




Payment must be made before I begin work on your reading.




I exercise great care and diligence in performing each and every tarot reading. Due to the work and time involved, tarot readings are non-refundable. There will be no refunds for readings that you believe to be inaccurate, because accuracy has never been guaranteed. You are not paying for a results-oriented product; what you are paying for is services- and experience- oriented. Thus, there are no refunds on tarot readings.


Questions I do not answer


I do not answer questions that are invasive of another person’s privacy, i.e. that concern what a third person is thinking, feeling, etc.


I do not answer questions involving the prediction of death or disaster.


I do not answer questions involving professional medical, legal or financial advice.


I do not solve crimes, pick lottery tickets or locate lost items.


Also, I recommend not to ask the same question repeatedly at short intervals. Generally, please allow at least a month to pass before returning with a question on the same topic.

This time period will allow things to settle down and become clearer.    


I do not encourage addiction to tarot readings and I may refuse to do a reading if I sense that you are becoming addicted. 


I do not read for anyone under the age of 18.

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