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The tarot is a spiritual art, a guide to making the right decisions and a wisdom tool.


It can help us gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, of our purpose in life and of the lessons we can learn from the situations and challenges we face.


As a wisdom tool, it can help us align our decisions with our inner calling, giving us a space to attune to our intuition and to develop spiritually.


The tarot is a book of wisdom that can be read from as many angles as there are individual situations to address.

Each tarot reading pursues one such line of enquiry in response to a particular individual’s question. This is why each reading is unique, as is indeed each person and situation.

Reading the tarot is the art of translating the cards’ timeless archetypes into timely messages of spiritual insight.


The future is not set in stone, but created by our choices and actions of the present. Hence, the tarot cards will not tell you what will be, but rather what can be if certain conditions come together.

They will help you to make the right decision in a given set of circumstances, and will point out which attitudes and actions to avoid and which to adopt in order to achieve a given outcome. The tarot can thus empower you to walk your path with greater wisdom and confidence.

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